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    The Charting Module has ~100 Technical Indicators or Studies (see List of Moving Averages and Technical Indicators below) to help analyze charts and facilitate trading decisions. Studies can be drawn directly on a chart (overlaid on the price plot like a moving average), or drawn in one or more sub-windows (like Relative Strength Index in a separate sub-window on the chart).

    Right-clicking directly on each study allows you to delete or customize the study settings, the changes of which are dynamically reflected in the chart, thus allowing you to experiment with different study settings and seeing the immediate result on the chart.

    List of Moving Averages:
      Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average,
      Time Series Moving Average, Triangular Moving Average, Variable Moving Average,
      Volume Adjusted Moving Average, Welles Wilder Moving Average,
      Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average
    List of Technical Indicators:
      Accumulation Swing Index, Accumulation/Distribution Line, Advance/Decline Line,
      Advance/Decline Line Breadth, Advance/Decline Ratio, Advancing-Declining Issues,
      Arms Index (TRIN), Aroon Oscillator, Aroon Up/Down, Average True Range, Bollinger Band Width,
      Bollinger Bands, Bolton-Tremblay Indicator, Breadth Thrust, Chaikin A/D Oscillator,
      Chaikin Money Flow, Chaikin Volatility, Chande Momentum Oscillator, Close Location Value,
      Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Commodity Selection Index, Coppock Indicator,
      Cumulative Volume Index (CVI), Darvas Box, DEMA, Demand Index, De-trended Price,
      Detrended Price Oscillator, Directional Movement Index, Donchian Channel,
      Donchian Channel Width, Down Average, Dynamic Momentum Index, Ease of Movement,
      ElliottWave Oscillator, Envelope, Fast Stochastic, Force Index, Forecast Oscillator,
      Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Inertia, Insync Index, Intraday Momentum Index, Klinger Oscillator, MACD,
      Market Facilitation Index, Mass Index, McClellan Oscillator, MESA Sine Wave, Momentum,
      Money Flow Index, Moving Average Confluence, Moving Average Ribbon,
      Moving Average Ribbon (Displaced), Negative Volume Index, Net Momentum Oscillator,
      On Balance Volume, Parabolic SAR, Performance, Polarized Fractal Efficiency,
      Positive Volume Index, Price Oscillator, Price Volume Rank, Price Volume Trend,
      Put-Call Ratio (Equity Contracts), Put-Call Ratio (Index Contracts),
      Put-Call Ratio (OI Equity Contracts), Put-Call Ratio (OI Index Contracts),
      Put-Call Ratio (OI Total Contracts), Put-Call Ratio (Total Contracts), Qstick, Random Walk Index,
      Range Indicator, Rate of Change, Relative Momentum Index, Relative Strength Index (RSI),
      Relative Volatility Index (RVI), R-squared, Slow Stochastic, STIX, Stochastic Momentum Index,
      Stochastic Oscillator, StochRSI, Swing Index, T3, TEMA, Time Series Forecast,
      Trader's Routine — Pivot Points, Trend Score, TRIX, True Strength Index, Twiggs Money Flow,
      Ultimate Oscillator, Upside/Downside Ratio, Upside/Downside Volume, Vertical Horizontal Filter,
      VIDYA, Volatility Ratio, Volume, Volume Oscillator, Volume Price Confirmation Indicator (VPCI),
      Volume+DelyVolume, Wilder's Smoothing, Williams' %R, Williams' Accumulation/Distribution,
      Zero Lag EMA, Zig Zag — Standard, Zig Zag — Swing Charting

    Quick-Browse through Technical Indicators
      The Charting Module also allows you to quickly browse through all Technical Indicators in a single sub-window instead of plotting multiple Technical Indicators in multiple sub-windows. To quickly browse through all Technical Indicators available for a chart, simply select or highlight an indicator in the QuickBrowse through Technical Indicators dropdown list in the Charting Module Toolbar and browse through it.