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Market Reports in ChartAlert®

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    1. Market Information and Prospecting Reports

Market Trends & Outlook Report
Mkt Report

A snapshot report of the trading day's activity, it includes ...
Nifty daily Chart
Indices activity
Advances/ Declines
FII/ Mutual Fund Trends
Gainers & Losers
Most Active Stocks
5-day Price/ Volume/ Delivery Trends
5-day and 22-day Buzzing Stocks
Short-/ Medium-term Model Portfolio
Top Sectoral Trends
... and more

Short-term & Medium-term Model Portfolios
Advisory Mkt Report

A list of 50 symbols that could be considered a Model Portfolio based on parameters that are proprietary to ChartAlert®
Reports available for ... Short-term ... Medium-term

MyFavourite Market Reports
User Interface

Browse through scores of Market Reports and group them as your MyFavourite Reports in the Navigation Panel, from where you can then access them in a jiffy

TA C@W Mask — Supports & Resistances
Mkt Report Chart Overlay

The TA C@W Mask plots Short-/ Medium-/ Long-term Trendlines, Price Channels and Supports & Resistances as a chart overlay.
This Market Report displays the Supports & Resistances in a printable grid format report

Bulk Deals
Mkt Report

List of symbols that were transacted as Bulk or Block Deals on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and/or National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Substantial Acquisition & Insider Trading Reports
Mkt Report

Published by SEBI ... includes the Substantial Acquisition and Insider Trading activity of the current trading day

Institutional Trends — FIIs & Mutual Funds
Mkt Report

Lists the 12-mo trend of Institutional trades (FIIs and MFs) in the Cash and Futures segment of the stock market

Buzzing Stocks
Mkt Report

Lists stocks that are "buzzing" over the last Week or Month

Price Performance Reports
Mkt Report

This Market Report compares the latest prices of symbols marked to their previous trading Week's prices, and to previous prices varying over a period of 1 Day, 5 Days, 10 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months and 24 Months, to get a perspective of how the symbols have been trending over the said period

Sectoral Outlook Report
Mkt Report

This Market Report publishes ...
5 top performing Sectors
5 top performing Stocks within those top performing Sectors
Time-frames covered ...

Technical Events
Mkt Report

This group of Market Reports includes the following ...
52-week Highs and Lows report, that displays the calendar High/ Low of symbols
Recent Highs and Lows report, that displays the most recent High/ Low of symbols
Close vis-a-vis its 200-day Moving Average report
Volume vis-a-vis its 10-day Moving Average report
Delivery Volume vis-a-vis its 10-day Moving Average report

Trending Stocks
Mkt Report

This group of Market Reports includes the following ...
Short- and Medium-term Trends of symbols that make-up NSE market Indices and BSE market Indices
Symbols that are in a price Uptrend or Downtrend currently
Symbols whose trading Volumes are in an Uptrend or Downtrend currently
Relative Momentum Studies report, wherein symbols showing momentum are segregated as Outperformers or Underperformers, and then ranked relative to each other and market Indices, to further distill symbols that seem to offer a trading opportunity

Unusual Performers
Mkt Report

This group of Market Reports includes the following ...
Price & Volume Movers report that displays symbols whose latest prices have gained remarkably over the previous session, accompanied with a surge in the trading volume
Gap-Up/ Gap-Down report, that displays symbols that have witnessed Gap-Up/ Gap-Down activity during the trading day

Advanced Sorting & Filtering
User Interface

Special controls such as Find/ Filtering/ Sorting are available in all Market Reports in ChartAlert® to search, filter and/or sort symbols by their Indices, Sectors, and/or Technical Events or parameters.
The Advanced Filter function lets you filter on the basis of up to three different parameters using an And/Or condition, and the Advanced Sort function lets you sort on the basis of up to three different parameters, very much like in a spreadsheet.

Grouping by Indices/ Sectors/ etc
User Interface

All symbols, in all Market Reports, with a simple drag-and-drop functionality to a pre-defined area in the report, or via a right-click menu in the report, can be grouped Index-wise, or Sector-wise, or any Column-wise, for further analysis.
That is, symbols can be grouped Index-wise within a Sector, or can be grouped Sector-wise within an Index, or any Group-wise within another group — in short, the nesting of Groups in a report for further analysis is limitless.

Fully Customizable Reports
User Interface

All Market Reports come with a set of Technical Events (or parameters) in Columns, symbols in Rows, and Factory Default Settings that define the Technical Events that would be displayed in a given report.
These Technical Events and symbol settings in each report can thus be fully customized (like in a spreadsheet) and saved by the end-user to suit his/her reporting requirements and/or trading and investing needs.

Gainers & Losers
Mkt Report

Lists symbols that have gained or lost during the trading day vis-a-vis the previous day

Futures & Options — NSE
Mkt Report

This report includes price data of all 1-mo Derivatives for the current trading day ... Coverage is categorized as ...
Most Active Futures
Active Calls
Active Puts
Put/Call Ratio
The F&O Market Trends group includes the following reports ...
Futures Open Interest Up/Down
Futures at Premium/Discount
Underpriced Call/Put Options

Price Data — OHLC
Mkt Report

These Market Reports include all price data of all symbols for the current trading day ... Coverage is categorized as ...
NSE and BSE Indices
NSE and BSE new listings
NSE Top 500+
BSE Group-A
NSE All, and BSE All
NSE and BSE Stocks by Indices
NSE and BSE Stocks by Sector

Delivery Statistics
Mkt Report

Delivery Statistics of all NSE Cash Stocks for the current trading day
Lists stocks whose Delivery Volumes — number of shares marked for Deliveries during a trading day — are in an uptrend/ downtrend currently

Market Breadth
Mkt Report

Includes Most Active, and Advances/ Declines ...
Symbols ordered by Volume traded during the day
Total number of symbols that were traded on the NSE
Number of symbols that have gained or lost (advances/ declines) in terms

Printing of Reports
User Interface

The printing feature in ChartAlert® allows you to print grid format reports — in WYSIWYG format with all customized features intact — to a printer.
That is, any hidden rows or hidden columns in the report will be ignored at the time of printing.

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