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 Charting in ChartAlert®

Chart Types

Median Price
Typical Price
Weighted Price
Noiseless Chart Types:
Point & Figure
Three Line Break
Demo / Slideshow
  1. The Basic Elements
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Charts 4:00
  2. Chart Types 0:35
  3. Themes, colors, styles in Charting 0:23
  4. Miscellaneous Videos
  5. The Charting Toolbar 1:02
  6. Side-by-side Report/Chart 1:06
  7. 4-Level Sector Classification 0:47

Technical Indicators
Chart Overlay Indicators

Absolute Breadth Index
Acceleration/Deceleration Osc
Accumulation/Distribution Line
Accumulation Swing Index
Advance/Decline Line
Advance/Decline Line Breadth
Advance/Decline Ratio
Advancing-Declining Issues
Arms Index (TRIN)
Arnaud Legoux MA
Aroon Oscillator
Aroon Up/Down
Average True Range
Awesome Oscillator
Bollinger %B
Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Band Width
Bolton-Tremblay Indicator
Breadth Thrust
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin A/D Oscillator
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Chandelier Exit
Close Location Value
Commodity Channel Index
CCI — ChartAlert®
Commodity Selection Index
Comparative Performance
Comparative RS Index
Comparative RS Indicator
Coppock Indicator
Cumulative Volume Index
Darvas Box
Demand Index
De-trended Price
Detrended Price Oscillator
Directional Movement Index
Donchian Channel
Donchian Channel Width
Down Average
Dynamic Momentum Index
Ease of Movement
ElliottWave Oscillator
Fast Stochastic
Fibonacci Retracement Zones
Force Index
Forecast Oscillator
Fractal Chaos Bands
Gann HiLo Activator
Gann Swing
Gator Oscillator
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Insync Index
Intraday Momentum Index
Kaufman's Adaptive MA
Keltner Channel
Keltner Channel (ATR)
Klinger Oscillator
Know Sure Thing (KST)
Linear Regression Indicator
MACD — ChartAlert®
Market Facilitation Index
Market Meanness Index
Mass Index
McClellan Oscillator
MESA Sine Wave
Money Flow Index
Moving Average Confluence
Moving Average Ribbon
Moving Average Ribbon (Displaced)
Negative Volume Index
Net Momentum Oscillator
Normalized Volume
On Balance Volume
Open Interest
OI — Combined/Cumulative
Parabolic SAR
Polarized Fractal Efficiency
Positive Volume Index
Price Oscillator
Price Volume Rank
Price Volume Trend
Put-Call Ratio (Index Contracts)
Put-Call Ratio (Equity Contracts)
Put-Call Ratio (Total Contracts)
Put-Call Ratio (OI Index Contracts)
Put-Call Ratio (OI Equity Contracts)
Put-Call Ratio (OI Total Contracts)
Random Walk Index
Range Indicator
Rate of Change
Relative Momentum Index
Relative Performance
Relative Strength Index
Relative Volatility Index
RSI — ChartAlert®
RVI — ChartAlert®
Slow Stochastic
Standard Error Bands
Stochastic Momentum Index
Stochastic Oscillator
Stop Loss (ATR-MA)
Stop Loss (ATR-Price)
Stop Loss (% of Price)
Stop Loss (% of MA)
SuperTrend Indicator
Swing Index
Time Series Forecast
Traded Value
Trader's Routine — Pivot Points
Trend Score
True Strength Index
Twiggs Money Flow
Ultimate Oscillator
Upside/Downside Ratio
Upside/Downside Volume
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volatility Ratio
Volume Oscillator
Vol Price Confirmation Indicator
Volume Rate of Change
Vol Weighted Avg Price — VWAP
Wave Trend
Wilder's Smoothing
Williams' Accumulation/Distribution
Williams' %R
Zig Zag — Standard
Zig Zag — Swing Charting
Zig Zag — Swing Charting (NT)
Zig Zag — Swing Charting (Custom)
Zero Lag EMA

Moving Averages
Chart Overlay

Arnaud Legoux
Kaufman's Adaptive
Time Series
Volume Adjusted
Welles Wilder
Zero Lag EMA

Plot a MA on:
Price data
An Indicator
Another MA

Volume +
Chart Overlay

For Cash Stocks ...
Delivery Volume
# of Trades
For Futures & Options ...
Contracts Traded
Traded Quantity
Open Interest
Cumulative Open Interest
Demos / Slideshows
  1. The Basic Elements


Index Builder

Equal-weighted Custom Indices
Price-weighted Custom Indices
Demo / Slideshow
  1. Index Builder

Video (mm:ss)
  1. Custom Indices / Index Builder 4:28

Relative Strength Charts

Symbol vs Symbol
Symbol vs Index
Symbol vs Sector
Sector vs Index
Sector vs Sector
Index vs Index
Scan for:
P&F Relative Strength Matrix
P&F Trend Matrix

Workspaces  New in Dec-2022

Single-Symbol Workspace
Multi-Symbol Workspace
Relative Strength Workspace
Dockable Charts
Copy-paste and/or Import Line Studies
Create Workspaces from within a Report
Multi-Timeframe Analysis
Multi-Template Analysis
Multi-ChartType Analysis
Multiple Parameters Analysis
Multiple Relative Strength Analysis
Relative Strength – Symbol / MarketIndex
Relative Strength – Symbol / SectoralIndex
Relative Strength – Symbol / CustomIndex
Relative Strength – SectoralIndex / MarketIndex

Line Studies
Drawing User Interface

Linear Trendline
Semi-Log Trendline
Semi-Log Trendline with Right Ray
Vertical Lines
Horizontal Lines
Linear Channel
Semi-Log Channel

Fibonacci and Gann Studies

Fibonacci Retracement
Fibonacci Time Zones
Fibonacci Fan
Fibonacci Arc
Fibonacci Extension
Fibonacci Time Extension
Gann Fan
Gann Grid
Gann Square
Gann-based Price Levels

Miscellaneous Studies
Drawing Indicators

ABC Targets
Andrews' Pitchfork
Cycle Lines
Moon Phases
Schiff Lines
Speed Resistance Lines


Pesavento Patterns
Probability Cone
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. ABC Targets 1:15
  2. Andrews' Pitchfork 0:46
  3. Schiff Lines 0:59
  4. Speed Resistance Lines 0:44

Regression Studies

Linear Regression
Raff Regression Channel
Quadrant Lines
Tirone Levels
Standard Error Channel
Standard Deviation Channel

Price-Time Studies

Price Counter
Bar Counter
Price-Bar Counter
Static Fibonacci Time Counts
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Price/ Bar/ Price-Bar Counter 0:49

Chart Patterns Mask
Pattern Recognition

Bullish Chart Patterns:
Double Bottoms
Triple Bottoms
Head & Shoulder Inverse
Triangles – Ascending
Broadening Tops
Cup & Handle
Bearish Chart Patterns:
Double Tops
Triple Tops
Head & Shoulder
Triangles – Descending
Broadening Bottoms
Bullish + Bearish Patterns:
Triangles – Symmetrical
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Chart Patterns Mask
  2. Ambiguity Menu

Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Chart Patterns Mask 1:33

Harmonic Patterns Mask
Pattern Recognition

Alt Bat
Deep Crab
Three Drives
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Harmonic Patterns Mask
  2. Ambiguity Menu
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Harmonic Patterns Mask 1:04

Point & Figure Patterns Mask
Pattern Recognition

Bullish Patterns:
Double Tops
Triple Tops
Spread Double Tops
Spread Triple Tops
Ascending Triple Tops
Bearish Signal Reversed
Bear Trap
Low Pole
Long Tail Down Reversal
Bearish Patterns:
Double Bottoms
Triple Bottoms
Spread Double Bottoms
Spread Triple Bottoms
Descending Triple Bottoms
Bullish Signal Reversed
Bull Trap
High Pole
Long Tail Up Reversal
Bullish + Bearish Patterns:
Broadening Patterns
Multi-Column Patterns
Vertical Counts

Renko Patterns Mask
Pattern Recognition

Bullish Patterns:
Double Bottoms
Triple Bottoms
Head & Shoulder Inverse
Triangles – Ascending
Renko Support
Renko Resistance-to-Suppport
Bearish Patterns:
Double Tops
Triple Tops
Head & Shoulder
Triangles – Descending
Renko Resistance
Renko Support-to-Resistance
Demos / Slideshows
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Renko Patterns Mask 2:01

Candlesticks Mask
Pattern Recognition

Bullish Reversal Patterns:
Counter Attack Line
Engulfing Line
Harami Cross
Inverted Hammer
Meeting Lines
Morning Doji Star
Morning Star
Piercing Line
Stick Sandwich
Three White Soldiers
Tweezer Bottom
Bearish Reversal Patterns:
Advance Block
Counter Attack Line
Dark Cloud Cover
Engulfing Line
Evening Doji Star
Evening Star
Hanging Man
Harami Cross
Meeting Lines
Shooting Star
Three Black Crows
Tweezer Top
Bullish Continuation Patterns:
Rising Three Methods
Separating Lines
Upside Gap Three Methods
Upside Tasuki Gap

Bearish Continuation Patterns:
Downside Gap Three Methods
Downside Tasuki Gap
Falling Three Methods
In Neck
On Neck
Separating Lines
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Candlesticks Mask

Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Candlesticks Mask 0:57

Technical Analysis (C@W) Mask
Chart Overlay

Plots the following:
Price Channels
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Chartist@Work Technical Analysis Mask
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Chartist@Work Mask 0:37

Trading Systems Mask
Chart Overlay

Covers 33% of NSE Cash Stocks
Screened/ranked by ChartAlert®
Automated Buy/Sell signals
" Collection of powerful analytical tools that contain complete trading rules to keep you informed about the current technical status of the symbol "
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Trading Systems Mask

AutoFibonacci a.k.a. Fibonacci Retracement Zones
Chart Overlay

Fibonacci Supports
Fibonacci Resistance
Plots for a fixed period of:
4 weeks
3 months
6 months
12 months
Demos / Slideshows
  1. AutoFibonacci
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. AutoFibonacci 0:38

QuickBrowse; Highs & Lows
Chart Overlay

QuickBrowse: quickly browse through all available indicators for a particular symbol by using the up and/or down arrows on the keyboard
At the click of a button, plot:
52-Week Highs and Lows
All-time Highs and Lows
Demos / Slideshows
  1. QuickBrowse
  2. Life-time & 52-wk Hi/Lo

Monthly Trading Ranges
Chart Overlay

Plots for the upcoming 1-mo calendar period:
Price Channel
Pivot Supports
Pivot Resistances
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Monthly Trading Ranges
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Monthly Trading Ranges 0:41

Relative Performance Charts

Plot upto 10 symbols on a base symbol to study Relative Performance over time

Window Layouts

Store multiple charts and/or reports as a Window Layout
Remembers window locations and sizes and restores them when it is opened
Remembers the state of the Chart Studies, Line Studies, Price Overlays
Can be customized with different charts, reports, windows, etc
View your favourite charts or reports without having to repeatedly open/ resize/ move windows to the locations you are accustomed to
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Working with Window Layouts

Templates or Chart Layouts

Templates are custom files created by end-users, and contain technical parameters of a chart.

Let us suppose you like to analyze symbols with DMI, MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, 20-/ 50-/ 100-/ 200-day EMA ... Save all this information in a Template and apply it to any other symbol with just 1-click ... The result: 10 Technical Analysis studies plotted in any chart with just 1-click
Create unlimited number of Templates and use over and over again

WatchLists a.k.a. MyFavourites

Create multiple WatchLists, with up to 2000 symbols per WatchList

  You can do all of the following:
Drag-and-drop between WatchLists
Add to WatchLists from open charts and/or reports
Remove from WatchLists via open charts and/or reports
Rename/ Delete/ Merge WatchLists
Scan WatchLists for trading opportunities

Import WatchList from an external TXT or CSV file

Import and create WatchLists — with multiple symbols per WatchList — based on an external TXT or CSV file
Symbol/ exchange/ contract term can be imported if the external file contains the list of symbols in a valid format
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Importing an External WatchList

Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Importing WatchLists 1:39

AutoScroll Groups of Charts

Hands-free feature
AutoScroll forward or backward through a group of charts
AutoScrolls based on a timer set by the end-user
Option to manually scroll through a group of charts
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Auto-Scroll and Manual Scroll 2:12

Open Multiple Instances of the Same Chart/ Symbol

Create and view (simultaneously) the same symbol — say, ACC — with different templates — say, Moving Averages, Technical Analysis Studies, Line Studies, etc — plotted on the various instances of the same symbol
Tile multiple charts of the same symbol vertically or horizontally for visual analysis
Synchronize x-axis of multiple charts for left-and-right scrolling
Save multiple charts to a single Workspace
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Multiple Instances of a Chart/Symbol

Synchronize X-axis of Multiple Charts

Synchronize the x-axis — time-scale — of multiple charts to enable synchronized left-and-right scrolling
Synchronized charts can be scrolled via Tile Vertical and Tile Horizontal windows options

Invert Y-axis of a Chart

Invert the y-axis — price-scale — of a chart
Inverts the Price Plot, Indicators, their colors and styles
Invert scale without inverting the color of the Price Plot
Keyboard short-cut available: Shift + I
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Invert Chart/Scale

Standard Toolbar
Daily Data Collection and Updation
User Interface

The daily Data Collection and Updation process — both WebUpdate and Manual Update — central to keeping the data updated on your computer, can be initiated from this Toolbar
The File >> Open dialog allows you to search for a symbol or open a chart
A lot of features in ChartAlert® can be customized ... the Global Preferences dialog allows full customization as per your needs

View Toolbar
Charting Timeframes and Misc Features
User Interface

View charts in the following timeframes:
Intraday: 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30-, 60- and Custom minutes
You can also do the following:
View charts in a Linear or Semi-log scale
Enable or disable gridlines
Zoom-in/-out or zoom into a specific area with the Zoom Box
View all data from origin, or see a manageable number of bars
Drag the x-axis and/or y-axis scale to suit your requirements
Set the height of volume overlay on the price chart
Videos (mm:ss)
  1. Chart Periodicity 0:27
  2. The X-axis 0:33
  3. The Y-axis 0:50
  4. Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Box 0:16

Training Toolbar
Training with ChartAlert®
User Interface

Learn TA by training with charts
Simulate real-world conditions by manually adding 1- or 5-bars at a time
Hands-free mode ... an in-built timer adds or removes n-bars at a time
Train at your own pace with a random or specific chart
Close a training session and resume again after a few days ... ChartAlert® remembers all your training session parameters
To help learn and train, all TA studies remain enabled in the training mode

Standard Toolbar
Data Window
User Interface

The Data Window displays:
Price information
All TA information pertaining to the TA Studies plotted on the current or open chart
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Data Window

Text Toolbar
Text, Objects, EW Symbols
User Interface

Write textual comments
Draw a Rectangle, Ellipse or Triangle to mark specific areas on the chart
Overlay in-built Elliott Wave symbols when doing your very own Elliott Wave analysis

Data Testing & Maintenance
User Interface

Test data files for compatibility and error conditions
Remove old files/reports no longer needed by ChartAlert®
If you run into a data-related snag, email us the test log file to diagnose and offer a solution
Demos / Slideshows
  1. Data Testing and Maintenance

Standard Toolbar
Printing of Charts and Reports
User Interface

Print charts and/or reports to a printer
Preview before printing

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